Talleres de los Ballesteros

Jewelry and silverware from Taxco Guerrero since 1937

The tradition of jewelry and exceptional craftsmanship have made Talleres de los Ballesteros a national reference among silver jewelry brands in Mexico, recognized as one of the most prestigious and leading companies in the industry for its great tradition and constant innovation. It is a luxury icon due to its unique style, avant-garde designs and magnificent pieces of jewelry where silver comes alive.


Monday to Saturday 10 AM to 7 PM
Sundays 10 AM to 3 PM



From the Aztecs and their love of gold to the conquistadors in search of precious jewels, Mexico’s history with jewellery spans thousands of years. Today, the love affair continues as Mexican designers draw influence from their country’s traditions and fuse it with contemporary materials, styles, and techniques to create the unique pieces offered by Talleres de Ballesteros.


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